MyComms is a leading provider of Wi-Fi technology development and integration having supplied its customers with pioneering technologies including the use of Captive Portal, CCTV, Webcasting, Digital Signage and Facial Recognition. As well as covering a vast list of technologies we also work alongside many different sectors: Stadium Wi-Fi, Transportation Wi-Fi, Public Sector Wi-Fi, Hospital, enterprise Wi-Fi, hospitality Wi-Fi, retail Wi-Fi, museum Wi-Fi, education Wi-Fi

Captive Portal

Let MyComms Wi-Fi build your next branded captive portal solution. Our Captive Portal technology has three main functions:

  • Delivery of your branded content message to your audience.
  • Authentication of the user for access to the system and
  • To centralise network monitoring including data analysis and security.

Talk to MyComms Wi-Fi today regarding your next event and our Captive Portal integration

Managed Wi-Fi

MyComms Wi-Fi can provide your facility with a fully managed Wi-Fi solution. All internet connectivity, security, captive portal and integration functionality can be provided as components of the fully managed solution. Our trained engineers will undertake a Wireless site survey to determine the coverage and capacity required to provide your venue with a quality robust Wi-Fi solution. Detailed coverage and network integration reports will be provided to you as part of the proposal process. Security is paramount to any service provided by MyComms Wi-Fi. We adhere to all the existing Government security requirements. Our Wi-Fi systems utilise filtering and system event monitoring software to provide security to the highest level. Contact us today to discuss your Managed Wi-Fi requirements.

In-House Wi-Fi

MyComms Wi-Fi managed Wi-Fi platform is a highly scalable communications platform which enables services to be managed and implemented in Enterprise environments. The managed in-house platform is capable of providing highly configurable user management across multiple locations as well as support for delivering unique User Experiences across multiple VLANs and SSIDs.

Network Security

Security across any Wi-Fi network, temporary or permanent is paramount. MyComms Wi-Fi utilises the latest is SEIM operating software to manage logs and data live in order to track and prevent attacks from external and internal parties. The most common types of wireless security are Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). WEP is a notoriously weak security standard. MyComms Wi-Fi has been a pioneer in the utilisation and development of SEIM security technology in Wi-Fi environments, and has used these technologies for the provision of services to high profile government conferences. Talk to us today regarding your network security requirements.

Internet Connectivity

At MyComms Wi-Fi we face great challenges supplying Internet connectivity to temporary challenging environments. We have a highly skilled team who are able to use multiple technical solutions for the provision of services.

Talk to us today regarding your requirements. Our team will investigate your requirements and provide you with all the possible solutions.


MyComms Wi-Fi can provide you with safe and secure CCTV solution for your next event or conference. This is a service we can provide as a component of a new, existing or temporary network. CCTV is an essential element of any network and is integral to security and crowd management is key. Vehicle and Camera counting cameras can be a helpful addition to any network to assist in traffic and people management. MyComms Wi-Fi can assist with the purchase, management and implementation of these technologies. Talk to us today about the integration of these technologies with any new or existing system.